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We are in no doubt that without your technique I would not have made such incredible progress in such a short time. I wish you well in your work and hope that you and your colleagues may be able to train more Australian therapists in your technique - we need them here!!

Denise G

For the first time in 7 months my shoulder is moving in ways I haven't been able to move it... and without the intense pain. Thank you for everything and I will keep you posted.

Sara Lewis

The pain relief from just a few exercises was wonderful.

C Powell

I would have paid anything to have had my shoulder back working like it does now and to be out of that terrible pain. Many thanks again.

M Fairweather


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NAT Approved Exercise Guide
This 60pp Health & Exercise Guide is produced by Simeon Niel Asher and Jonas Broome, two of the worlds leading osteopathic experts in shoulder treatment. It is designed specifically to help you!

Frozen Shoulder & Exercise
Whilst there are times when the shoulder is acutely painful, it is vital to keep it moving as much as possible with regular, gentle and very specific exercises.

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